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Secondary IOL Techniques

Cataract surgery today has evolved a lot. It is far safer today and is performed as a day-case procedure.At our Eye Care Clinic in Bristol, we have assessed advanced intraocular lenses that filter high energy blue light as well as UV light to better protect the back of your eye. These advanced lens surgeries can also help in dealing with high-risk patients where the fibre holding the lens in place is damaged or loose. Mr. Majid is often referred such patients from colleagues due to the difficult nature of the surgery and the expert skills Mr. Majid possesses to tackle difficult cases. He has the availability of bespoke lenses made for such scenarios and the best equipment, available to only a few select surgeons. Apart from the improvement of safety, our clinic also thrives to give its patients better visual results. We offer various lens options like mono focal lens, multifocal lens, astigmatism management, toric lens, aphakic lens and even phakic IOL’s. With advance lens surgery we strive to help people select a lens that will give them the best possible vision without glasses. Therefore we use special imaging devices to carefully characterise the needs of our patient and provide them with the best service possible.

Secondary IOL Techniques

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